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KERNEL Data Hub is the backbone of all KERNEL's solutions and it is included in all our subscriptions, the other modules are self-contained and can be leveraged incrementally


Gain Control Over Your Data

KERNEL Data Hub® is a central repository of data that is extracted from source applications, such as Model N, Revitas, SAP, JDEdwards and Oracle Apps. It includes connectors capable of obtaining data from these systems without the need for expensive data integration solutions. It is also able to receive any data via its Landing Zone and Plugins




Insights Into Your Pricing

The main goal of KERNEL GP is to minimize risk through full visibility into pricing calculations (e.g. MAMP, BP, NFAMP, etc). It enables an organization to establish a self-auditing function capable of answering any price certification and audit question throughout the monthly certification cycle. Discount Reallocation (i.e. unbundling) is built-in and can run standalone or together with a price calculation. What-if calculations are also integral to KERNEL GP and enable users to quickly understand the financial impact on Medicaid and PHS Liability of an ever-changing regulatory environment


Streamline and De-risk Reserve Management

The main goal of KERNEL GTN is to streamline and de-risk the reserve management processes. KERNEL GTN automates the generation of accruals, ingestion of payments, release of reserves, reconciliation with GL and close of months/quarters. KERNEL GTN is flexible to accommodate tracking of reserves at different levels through customer defined hierarchies (e.g. product, channels) and flexible to accommodate visualizing data through different perspectives. KERNEL GTN allows business activities to shift from manual efforts and reactivity to quality analysis and proactivity



Keep Your Discounts Under Control

The main goal of KERNEL PC is to provide visibility and insights into all aspects of Price Concessions including Up-front discounts, Chargebacks, Rebates, Price Protection and Medicaid. This includes the validation and calculation engine for all types of Price Concessions based on Contracts, Programs, Customer, Product, Market Share, External Validation from the Data Hub or Landing Zone. Price Concessions includes several input file formats (NCPDP, EDI 844) and other custom formats are supported. It also includes reports and dashboards based on KERNEL Perspectives Plugins specifically configured to individual customer requirements



Understand Sales Through the Channels

The main goal of KERNEL Sales is to explain how your sales are flowing through each Contracted Channel and applicable Discounts. KERNEL Sales provides several Perspectives and Views that help predict not only the sales volume for each product, but the effectiveness of strategic discounts throughout the different Channels  


Order to Cash and Revenue Management Verified

KERNEL BM provides a collection of Perspectives, Views, and Reports for in-depth analysis of Order to Cash and Revenue Management Data. These Perspectives include Government Pricing Perspectives/Views, Gross-to-Net Perspectives/Views and Reconciliation Perspective/Views, such as GL, Direct Sales, and Rebates

Kitchen Meeting


KERNEL 3 is built on top of a Configuration and Plugin Architecture that provides flexibility to meet specific customer needs via Customer Plugins and Customer Configurations

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